CADD ministry demands huge budget allocation for health, education related projects under PSDP

Despite abysmal performance in the out-outgoing fiscal year, the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) once again proposed huge allocation for various projects for health and education sectors under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the year 2017-18.

According to the documents available with Pakistan Today, the ministry demanded a total of Rs5395.788 million for 29 projects under PSDP for the fiscal year 2017-18.

However, in the previous year, a major chunk of funds had been proposed for health and education related projects for the fiscal year 2017-18.

Out of the total Rs5395.788 million proposed allocation for the year 2017-18, a huge amount of Rs2637.869 million has been allocated for 10 projects of health, while only Rs65.859 million has been demanded for three projects relating to special education, the documents disclosed.

In the previous year, Rs1000 million had been allocated for renovation/rehabilitation of physical infrastructure of 200-educational institutions under prime minister’s education sector reforms program in Islamabad; however the ministry could not utilise even a single penny, as a result, the whole fund had been lapsed.

Hence, the ministry demanded that funds should be allocated for FY 2017-18 for the said projects so as to complete the project in the next year.

Similarly, the documents showed that the second largest funds amounting to Rs2073.130 had been proposed under PSDDP 2017-18 for 12 projects relating to health.

It was proposed that Rs47.896 million may be diverted from the allocated funds of Rs100 million for extension of Federal Government Polyclinic (FGPC).

Besides, funds amounting to Rs15 million may be diverted from allocated funds of Rs400 million for the establishment of cardiac centre extension block of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad (PIMS).

According to the documents, Rs. 618.930 million has been proposed for four projects of Capital Development Authority (CDA) under the PSDP for the year 2017-18.

Sector No of Projects PSDP 2017-18
Health 12 2073.130
Education 10 2637.869
CDA 04 618.930
Special Education 03 65.859
Total 29 5395.788

The details from documents disclosed that the ministry demanded the funds for FY 2017-18 for some important projects such as Rs298 million has been demanded for the construction of president body guard and provision of residential/non-residential accommodation and allied facilities at presidential estate colony, aiwan-e-sadr; Rs50 million for the construction of boundary wall on the plot earmarked for official residence of chairman senate and Rs158.009 million for providing replacement of 10 Nos. lifts to be installed at aiwan-e-sadr building, Islamabad.

Moreover, the documents showed that Rs59.770 million has been demanded for the construction of OPD building at Federal General Hospital, NIH, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad; Rs55.811 million for the up-gradation of existing electric supply distribution system for Federal Government Poly Clinic (FGPC), Islamabad and Rs490 million for special repair and maintenance/renovation of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

The documents further revealed that Rs20 million has been proposed for construction of building of IMSG (I-X) Bain Nullah (FA), Islamabad; Rs. 25 million for construction of RCC Retaining Wall of IMS (I-V), Soan Gardens, Lohi Bher, Islamabad; Rs. 32.301 million for construction/renovation of Nursing Hostel at PIMS, Islamabad; Rs 283.437 million for purchase of new electro medical equipment to replace obsolete and old fashioned machines to strengthen and enhance medical care/facilities at national institute of rehabilitation medicine, G-8/2, Islamabad and Rs30.892 million has been demanded for the construction of official residence for speaker of national assembly in Islamabad.