Administering polio drops against family’s consent puts Islamabad AC in trouble

ISLAMABAD: Assistant Commissioner Ali Asghar was allegedly fired after a polio team vaccinated the excise director’s child despite the family’s refusal the other day.

Excise Director Mariam Mumtaz was reportedly furious when the child was vaccinated despite husband’s approval, according to media reports.

Mumtaz conveyed her displeasure to the Islamabad Chief Commissioner Zulfiqar Haider following which Asghar’s services were surrendered to the Establishment Division.

In a written response to the chief commissioner’s call, Asghar showed a willingness to apologise despite not being at fault. Sources are also reported to have said that Asghar was also threatened by Mumtaz’s husband.

On the contrary, Mumtaz claimed that the matter had been resolved by granting the permission to the polio team to administer the vaccination to her child.

“The chief commissioner should be contacted for further comments on the matter,” she said.

An unrest reportedly prevailed among the officers of the administration following the incident.