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KP politicians, academicians term PM visit to China highly successful PESHAWAR

The politicians, leaders of business community and academicians of Khyber Pakthunkhwa here on Thursday termed the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to the brotherly country of China, and Hong Kong, highly successful and inclusive in all aspects.

They said that the speeches delivered by Prime Minister at One Belt One Road ceremony (OBOR) and at other important forums was acknowledged at domestic and international level that would open up new vistas of opportunities and attract foreign investment in the country.

Former President Khyber Pakthunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KPCCI) Faud Ishaq told APP that visit of Prime Minister to the brotherly country of China was very successful as he boldly highlighted his government reforms, importance of CPEC, a vital component of OBOR, at all the important forums and its positive impact on economy of Pakistan and China, and regional and worldwide countries.

“OBOR initiative ceremony is an important forum, which can be used for strengthening economic cooperation, financial integration besides promoting trade and investment in the region,” he maintained.

Faud Ishaq said that OBOR had provided a unique opportunity to connect countries of South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia besides achieving higher economic growth for progress and prosperity of poor people of the region.

“CPEC and OBOR have huge potential to enhance regional connectivity and financial integration by providing better access to Pakistan including Khyber Pakthunkhwa to export their products in global markets,” he said.

OBOR and CPEC were in the interest of all regional countries including Pakistan and China and a strong and efficient financial system would serve as backbone for its success, he explained.

Faud Ishaq opined a well thought-out and systematic approach was needed to address the risks and challenges pertaining to investment under CPEC and OBOR, adding that private sector in Khyber Pakthunkhwa and Balochistan would largely benefit from CPEC.

“As CPEC route is directly passing through KP and Balochistan therefore, it would promote infant industries, business and trade besides establishment of industrial zones and dry ports by linking it through improved communication and railways network, thus generating employment opportunities for people,” he said.

He stated that if present economic policies of PML-N Government continue for at least next ten years then, no one could stop Pakistan to become an Asian tiger.

University of Peshawar International Relations Department Professor Ejaz Khan told APP that OBOR was an important initiative of the Chinese leadership that would directly benefit Pakistan and China by connecting Asia, Africa and Europe through Gwadar Port.

He termed CPEC as the flagship programme of OBOR. He said that these projects would begin a new era for progress of humanity and less developed regions of the world.

“OBOR-led connectivity would reshape the global economic dynamic and emerging economies would be its main beneficiaries through improved infrastructure and healthy growth in trade and services,” he remarked.

Professor Ejaz said that CPEC would make Pakistan’s defence and economy impregnable as borders would be monitored through satellite.

However, he said that stability in the region and cordial relations among regional and neighbouring countries was imperative to capitalise full advantage of CPEC and OBOR initiatives.

Member Provincial Assembly Seleh Muhammad said that visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was very successful and productive in all respect as his speech at OBOR forum was appreciated by all.

The participation of prime minister along with about 29 heads of states in OBOR forum has reflected the importance of the event. He said that the prime minister has taken onboard all the all chief ministers at OBOR Forum which has passed a very strong and positive message of unity for success of CPEC.

“Pakistan has achieved tremendous progress during the PML-N government and the network of highways and motorways were established in the country to directly benefit the common man,” the MPA said.

Saleh said that CPEC would contribute towards the restoration of law and order, economic stability, better socio-economic reforms, energy and communication projects, resettlement of TDPs, restoration of peace in Karachi which are the major feats of PML-N Government.

He said that PML-N was the most popular political party with strong roots in masses and would form next government in KP after sweeping 2018 general elections on the basis of record development work.