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Today’s White Lies

The PPP really has to up its game. Its leaders aren’t doing much by way of research when they speak at events. Recently, at a pow-wow on CPEC, where Ahsen Iqbal was representing the government, the PPP put its best foot forward and sent the ever affable, ever articulate Qamar Zaman Kaira to speak.

The man let it rip on how CPEC was favouring only Punjab (a fair assessment) and asked why the other CMs weren’t being facilitated by the government to interact with the Chinese. To which Iqbal replied that all four were accompanying the PM to China. In fact, the pictures are also circulating on the media.

Some egg on Kaira’s face. If this can happen to Kaira, one wonders what the other jiyalas’ level of preparation would be.

The summer season is here and the migratory birds are packing up and going to Europe. The city of choice is, of course, the Capital of the World, London.

But the swish set have moved on from the likes of Edgeware Road and have taken to Sloane Square, London.

The rich and keeping up with the rich Joneses are seen these days, haggling with the owners of accommodation for rent.