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Education key to success for Pakistan: social activists

A renowned journalist, anchor, social activist and chairperson of children rights organization ‘Mashoom’, Reham Khan said that education sector works like a ladder to uplift of the nation. Without education, the dreams of progress could not be materialised, she added.

Addressing at the inaugural ceremony of the Faiz-ul-Islam school held on Thursday in Rustam City, Reham Khan said that higher education was the secret of the developed nations of the world which went on the moon and made numerous space explorations.

Unfortunately, little heed was paid to the education in our country and that was the prime cause of its poor standards of living, she added. She said that rulers and local elected members were equally responsible for the poor system of education in our country.

Educated youth could play a pivotal role in the development of a nation and this was our primary duty to train them well, she maintained. The social activist urged the teachers to pay full attention to both, the moral and academic trainings of the students.

She said that these trainings would make the students good citizens and enable them to play their due role in the elevation of the country. She appreciated the unending and painstaking efforts of the senior journalist and chief executive of the Zalan Communication Dr Ashraf Ali who put his energies to repair a century old school.

On this occasion, chief executive of the Zalan Communication Dr Ashraf Ali said that the construction of this school was his dream that was accomplished by now.

He emphasised on the students to fully concentrate on education that would bring them on a par with the students of developed nations of the world. He said that this school was imparting free quality education to the students since long.

The renovation would provide more facilities to the students and would help in improving the quality of education, he added.

This school was founded in 1915. It provided quality education to the poor students of Rustam and produced successful people in every walk of life.

He thanked the Japanese government which funded the rebuilding of this old school. “Modern age is the age of technology, the poor students of the school will be imparted computer trainings to enable them to achieve high position in life,” he claimed.

In his speech, a renowned education expert Syed Nawab Bacha said no one could deny the importance of education in the modern era. He said that educated youth could also move to other countries and send remittances back home which would help in the elevation of the country’s standards of living.

He expressed that free and quality education was a precious gift from the Japanese government to the poor people of this area that was made possible by the struggles of the son of the soil, Dr Ashraf Ali.

Journalists, social activists, religious scholars, education experts, health experts and hundreds of other people belonging to different walks of life attended the ceremony.

Junaid Zahid

The writer works at Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). Follow him on Twitter: @junaideconomist.