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Today’s White Lies

The Lahore American School, where the progeny of the rich go to learn how to be obscenely rich. Well, recently there was a fight between two of these “little angels.” Twelve-year-olds, the both of them.

Now, one of them was the son of a PML-N grandee while the other, the son of a PTI leader. In a mirror image of the two parties’ politics, the PML-N kid got the better of the Insafian kid. And, in another mirror image of getting one’s way by hook or by crook and a penchant for bringing in the third umpire, the PTI kid had his guards beat up the PML-N kid.

Since the guards can’t enter the classrooms, one can only imagine what the PML-N kid is going to do to the other kid.


A bit of a scare for the group of Pakistani students visiting India recently. Hot on the heels of allegations that Indian soldiers’ bodies were mutilated by Pakistani soldiers, the right wing Maharashtra nationalist Shiv Sena had threatened to do the same to visiting Pakistani children.

The students, however, were kept in the dark of these threats by their teachers. Good call.

These students were escorted back into Pakistan by, ironically, the Indian army.