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Death anniversary of Allama Iqbal: Ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a great visionary leader and his services for the Muslims of the sub-continent would be remembered forever. These remarks were expressed by the speakers who paid tribute to the philosophical poet on his 79th death anniversary in a ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore on Friday.

Prior to the occasion, it was announced that Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb would be the chief guest but she was unable to attend the ceremony.

Talking on the occasion, religious scholar Allama Raghib Naeemi said that Allama Iqbal was a great Muslim, who, through his teachings revealed the secret of survival of the nations. “Iqbal’s passion for Holy Prophet (PBUH) was eternal which he expressed through his poetry. Iqbal wanted to make ummah understand that ‘Ishq-e-Rasool’ was everything,” he said, adding that today moralities have vanished from the society largely because of society’s weak relation with the Seerat.

Naeemi said that Iqbal wanted to express love for Holy Prophet (PBUH) through his poetry and prose. “Iqbal taught us that passion is not expressed through tongue but is revealed through character,” he added.  Naeemi said that on the other hand Iqbal’s teachings can be witnessed in Iran and Turkey.

Arif Nizami, while criticising the absence of government officials from the event, said that it seemed as if the government had become indifferent towards the importance of this day, that’s why no cabinet member attended the ceremony.

Quoting Iqbal’s “soorat-e-shamsheer hai dast-e-qaza mein who qaum” which was mentioned in Panama Case verdict by a member of Supreme Court’s bench, Nizami said that this was because of the importance of Iqbal. “Iqbal’s sayings should be among our guiding principles but unfortunately rulers in Pakistan don’t abide by such principles,” he said, adding that if rulers had followed the teachings of Iqbal they could have avoided such scandals.

Quaid- e-Azam also presented himself for accountability but today rulers are not ready to do so, Nizami added.

Orya Maqbool Jan called Iqbal a ‘true Muslim’ and a follower of the Prophet (PBUH) whose work reflected the Islamic teachings.

Sajjad Meer said that the idea of Pakistan was based on Iqbal’s principles and his thoughts. He said that Iqbal’s work is a symbol of spiritualism.

The president of the ceremony concluded by saying, “There is dire need to implement Iqbal’s philosophy as we have not been focusing on Iqbal’s golden rules for a prosperous Pakistan.”

Senior Journalist Shail Warraich, Prof Muhammad Saleem, Muneeb Iqbal were also among the speakers.