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CM calls for collaborated efforts to protect Earth

“Earth provides enough to fulfill each man’s needs and accordingly yearns for our adoration which we can express as endeavors we set up to maintain water, mountains, forests, greenery and deserts to their actual soul”, Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif said in his special message on World Earth Day.

The reason behind observing this day, globally, is to spread awareness regarding the dangers confronting the planet and bring the idea to life that the people must balance economic, social and environmental needs to maintain amicability with nature.

The Chief Minister said that World Earth Day aims to highlight the symbolic friendship between people and environment and to awake a sense of responsibility among all peoples of the world to embrace it. He said that rise in temperatures is perilous for the existence of the planet. He further said that in order for the people to protect the world from climate change, they must preserve the natural resources.

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