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Youth gunned down over marriage issue

A youth was gunned down over court marriage issue within the jurisdiction of Saddar Baironi police.

According to reports, Asad Islam, brother of the victim lodged a complaint with local police that his brother Amjad Islam had contracted court marriage with R from Kohat. After two months of marriage, when parents of the girl received information that her daughter had married with Amjad they took her back to Kohat.

Later, she came back to Rawalpindi with her consent. Her father Samar Gull along with his accomplices came into their Muhallah and intercepted Amjad and made a life attempt on his brother, he stated.

He registered a case against them in Saddar Baironi police and in response Samar Gull registered a case against Amjad Islam, Tahir Mangal Bibi police station.

Last day, Samar Gull and Zubair Bangash and Asif Bangash and some unidentified persons passed there on motorcycles and opened fire at Amjad. Amjad was lying in a pool of blood in the street in front of Alghazi Clinic. He signaled towards Samar Gull and others and later he died. Samar Gull, Asif Bangash, Zubair Bangash and some unknown persons killed his brother, he stated. The police have registered a case and started an investigation.