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We will send ‘Mian Sahab’ home like Musharraf, says Zardari

JHANG: PPP Co-Chairman and former President Asif Ali Zardari has said that we would send ‘Mian Sahab’ (prime minister) home like Musharraf.

Addressing a public meeting here on Friday, the former president said; “We have to remove Sharifs this time. We have to conquer the fort of Punjab now”.

He said that the Sindh Assembly had passed a resolution of “Go-Nawaz-Go” today.

While addressing to the prime minister, Zardari said that “Mian Sahab” you would not go home but ‘some other home’. All four provinces want to get rid of you. You cannot do anything except having government food. I am ready to provide you food at Landhi jail.

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  1. Riaz Ahmad said:

    Like Nawaz Sharif, Zirdari is just the same, they are both vultures pretending to be doves. Sadly this nation has lost the capacity to draw such elementry distinction. End of the day, if the people stopped voting for the corrupt, they will have good governance, far less debt and far more to sepnd on education and health, there wont be the need for the army, supreme court, NAB, FIA, FBR and ECP to intervene. You can convince people but it is impossible to talk common sense to sheeple.

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