Waseem Akram accused for matchfixing with Uber during one day as Careem CEO

Cricketing legend Waseem Akram, who was appointed as honorary CEO of ride sharing app Careem recently, has been accused of price-cutting to the advantage of Careem rival Uber.

“We have footage of him walking out of a restaurant with a bookie famous in the business match fixing world,” said Saleem Haider, chief of corporate governance at Careem. “We have also intercepted correspondence between the two in which it is clearly discussed that Careem was going to rig its prices so that Uber could get more passengers.”

Giving further details, Haider said that the entire day wasn’t fixed but it came in the category of “spot-fixing” as the arrangement was to take place only for the duration of the “surge pricing.”

“We knew that this was one of the hazards of letting him be the CEO for one day,” he continued. “And we were going to be extra vigilant. Unfortunately, his were the signatures required for any such key executive decisions.”

“I kept on telling the Board of Directors to go with Zaheer Abbas, but they wouldn’t have any of it!”

Till the filing of this press report, the Sultan of Swing was unable for comment.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.