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Riz Ahmed makes TIME’s 100 most influental people list

TIME magazine has just announced its list for 100 most influential people in all aspects of culture and not only does our Riz MC make the cut in the Pioneers section, he’s on one of the covers of Time!

Riz Ahmed has been on everyone’s radar ever since his breakout role in BAFTA award-winning film Four Lions as his work spans from his rap duo, The Swet Shop Boys, to hit TV shows like HBO’s The Night of and Netflix’s Girls.

Riz is also a part of the Star Wars franchise, with many knowing him as the rebel pilot Bodhi Rook.

Writer Lin-Manuel said of Riz Ahmed in his profile, “To know him is to be inspired, engaged and ready to create alongside him”

Riz Ahmed is known for advocating diverse representation in the entertainment industry as he has spoken many times against racial stereotyping.

“I wanted to get away from doing roles that had anything to do with my racial background,” says Riz Ahmed, adding, “I wanted to get to what I call the Promised Land, where you’re playing a character that could be called Nasir Khan [from The Night of], but the fact that he’s in prison for [the] suspected murder [of] a girl is nothing to do with his race.”

Other celebrities who made the list include Ryan Reynolds, How to get away with Murder actor Viola Davis and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead.