LHC dismisses petition against new Punjab Police uniform, fines petitioner

Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah dismissed on Thursday a petition that had challenged the new uniform of the Punjab Police.

The petition had been filed by Advocate Mian Shabbir Ismail, who had pleaded that the government’s decision of changing the police uniform rather than changing police culture was questionable. Furthermore, the petitioner had also alleged that the public procurement rules had been violated when the tender was given to a particular textile mill.

The counsel for the government Anwar Hussain told the court that before the tenders for the uniform were given out, newspaper advertisements were published to inform the public about the changes that were expected in the police uniforms and that the allegation regarding the government’s favouritism in the matter is baseless as every vendor and manufacturer had an equal opportunity to receive the tender.

Earlier, during the hearing of the petition, the LHC Chief Justice had warned that the court would fine the petitioner if the contention in the petition were to be proved to be untrue. On Thursday, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, after dismissing the petition, also fined the petitioner an amount of Rs 10,000.

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