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KSA-led military coalition: PTI demands joint session of parliament

Expressing grave concern over the government’s decision to join a Saudi Arabia-led military coalition, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) asked the government to immediately call a joint session of parliament to develop a consensus on the issue of serious national interest before making a final decision.

In this regard, PTI formally submitted a resolution in National Assembly Secretariat here on Wednesday. The resolution was submitted by PTI lawmakers Dr Shireen Mazari, Asad Umar and Arif Alvi.

The meeting of PTI Chairman Imran Khan with the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Friday had triggered a widespread speculation that the later requested the former to soften his stance on the issue of Pakistan’s joining of Saudi-led military alliance, especially General (Retd) Raheel Sharif’s appointment as the head that alliance.

However, the resolution proved that PTI chairman hadn’t yet softened his stance on the issue and was in no mood to show any leniency—which is the reason why the party demanded a joint session of the parliament on the issue.

Taking cognizance of Article 40 of the constitution which states, inter alia, “The state shall endeavour to preserve and strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries based on Islamic unity and encourage the settlement of international disputes by peaceful means,” the resolution reads.

The resolution reads that recognising the unanimous parliamentary resolution on Yemen dated April 10, 2015, and, learning from the country’s history, it was not in Pakistan’s national interest to get involved in others’ wars, as people were still suffering the consequences of such involvements in the past.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have a special brotherly bond and historic ties of cooperation and brotherhood; Pakistan was committed to defending the Holy cities of Mecca and Madina.

However, the party expressed grave concern over the government’s decision to join a KSA-led military alliance ostensibly to “fight terrorism” with debate and consultation in the parliament.

“Without knowing the parameters or terms of reference of such an alliance, it demands the government to immediately call a joint session of parliament to develop a consensus on the issue before making a decision on the alliance,” it added.

On April 6 (last Thursday) Imran Khan, in a conversation at a business summit in Islamabad, categorically stated that the PTI was against entering into any alliance forged for war because the country has already paid a heavy price of becoming part of such wars in the past.

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  1. pakistani said:

    Pti has no power to call such session no opposition party supporting them including JI THEIR partners in kP even ppp have roots in uae avoiding any confrontation with establishment on this issue mqm Pakistan pmln anp ppp pmlq all are avoiding to be part of pti solo flight against Pakistan joining alliance unfortunately Indian and Iran media catching on these news twisting statement in their favour you can check presstv and indiantimes directly affected with Pakistan new role on global stage.

  2. pakistani said:

    Oran never think about closeness with India when signing deals why people inside Pakistan continue to play this irritating Iran song making sure that one day people of Pakistan will be divided on sectarian lines as a Pakistani I damn care what other countries think about us Iran is 99% shia state ruling under mullahs who have no love for sunnis any where in the world mention one Sunni majority Islamic country who have good ties with Iran regime stop fooling us turkey also have border with Iran there is Iran turkey gas pipeline exist but still turkey opposing Iran in Syria and Yemen why there is so much anxiety in media and experts for the alliance not even exist I am sorry there is no antidote for fear of fear live it’s time to break this vicious cycle we support Raheel new role we support Pakistan joining this alliance we respect STATE decision long live pakistan

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