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Samsung Galaxy S8 charged with target-killing attempt on iPhone 7

LAHORE/SEOUL – An FIR was registered in Lahore’s Hafeez Centre accusing the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 of a target-killing attempt on iPhone 7.

The applicant alleged that the accused attacked the target with malicious intent, eying significant injuries if not complete extermination.

“The infinity display with expanded glass screen covering the device’s front and curving around its edges, along with a pressure-sensitive section embedded under the screen is the obvious evidence,” the FIR reads.

“Then there is the facial recognition application allowing unlocking just by looking,” it adds.

The FIR also mentions Dex Station as proof of the intent to cause severe damage to iPhone 7 and urged all relevant agencies to take action against the culprit.

Furthermore, the applicant has an abettor in the crime, and mention one Bixby’s name in the FIR as an accomplice.

According to initial reports, Bixby is working as an undercover digital assistant as shroud for the espionage work.

Talking to The Dependent Samsung said all accusations are baseless.

“Why would we add an 8 point battery safety check for a target killing attempt?” Samsung asked. “We could’ve gone for a suicide bombing attack through the Galaxy Note 7.”

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.