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Peshawar Metrobus cost/km exceeds Lahore and Islamabad’s

Previous social media statements about the inflated metro bus project costs have come back to bite the PTI leaders as the Peshawar Sustainable Bus Rapid Transit Corridor Project (read: Peshawar metro bus project) is estimated to cost much more than was previously claimed by the PTI.

The total cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs57.23 billion. As the corridor will be approximately 26 km long, the cost per km will be Rs2.2b/km or approximately $21/km.

Let’s take a look at Imran Khan’s tweet from 2014 where he bashes PML-N on the high costs involved in the completetion of the Lahore metro bus project.

The Lahore metro bus corridor is approximately 27km long , and its total cost was Rs 29.8bn, i.e. $11m/km. Whereas the metro bus corridor in Amritsar (India) is 31km long, and its total cost was Rs 9.2bn, i.e. $3m/km.

Hence by comparison, the cost of the Peshawar metro bus is estimated to be almost double the cost of Lahore metro bus project; something that the PTI has conveniently blamed on the 20 percent increase in the cost of the project on market rate system.

Though not very long ago PTI had quite different views on the metro bus project and the costs involved in the completion of this project.

Asad Umar and Imran Khan have been very vocal about how the metro buses are not needed in this country and are a complete waste of resources; not to mention their blatant insistence upon PML-N being corrupt regarding the project.

Last but not the least, in the following video, Asad Umar clarifies that PTI is not imitating PML-N and that it is in fact not a ‘metro bus project’ but a ‘mass project’ for the betterment of public.


  1. Aamir said:

    what are you guys? Paid tattoos of PMLN??? do you have any proof of project costs???

    • Umar Aziz KhanUmar said:

      Umm….the KP government released the figures themselves.
      I know you're angry, but please read the piece first.

        • Zubair said:

          By Pak Patriot:
          "The BRT will have 32 stations, two depots, 68 kilometers feeder bus routes, 150 bus stops, 450 buses, six storied parking plaza and 61 acres of commercial plaza."

          Neither does Lahore (or for that matter, Islamabad or Multan) Metro have feeder bus routes nor does it have a six storied parking plaza and commercial plaza. It also doesn't have 450 buses and 150 bus stops.

          So no, the cost is not higher considering the extra facilities being provided.

          • qbashir said:

            Acha boy tau feeder buses ki bjay laal tatoo chal rahay hein lahore ki sarkon peh.

    • bilal said:

      yeah educated persons belong to PTI only @superiority complex

  2. usman khan said:

    total nooraz . i must say … yeh proof bhi dawn news ki day raha hy amazing……

  3. Muhammad Tufail Kakar said:

    Dear all do listen to the details provided by KPK minister for information on the budgeting of the project. Confusion will be cleared. Construction/ material Cost of the project / km is less than other metro projects.. important to mention that facilities provided in KPK BRT system are way better like cycle routes, parking, commercial plazas etc

  4. Asma Khan said:

    We are talking about cost/Km not the over all project cost. therefore, no matter how long is the route… it is all about Cost/Km…. GoPTIGo

  5. Q but said:

    In rhe first place metro buS system or mass transit system is the project of N league PTI should not copy it after four years of opposing the project. They should think of something new system. I.e Drone mass transit system. Using drones to carry ordinary people. Or atleast sniff of cocain can carry anybody anywhere. Or free distribution of charas cigarettes can certainly help . People of Peshawar must understand Metro is N league trademark don’t cheat on it

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