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‘Ready to face any questioning’ says PIA CEO

The German CEO of PIA, Bernd Hildenbrand, has refuted allegations of corruption leveled aginst him after it was discovered that he had been placed on the ECL.

Talking to BBC, the Hildenbrand said he was ready to face any investigation and was of the opinion that the investigative teams accusing him of corruption had no idea of how airplane leasing works and that he was more than happy to sit down with them and teach them rather than having to face an intense media trial.

The CEO is under investigation for allegedly purchasing air crafts at exorbitant prices from a Sri Lankan airline which had caused the PIA millions of dollars of losses.

Speaking further, Hildenbrand said that the government had surveillance capabilities and that it was not difficult for them to bring him in for questioning. Claiming he was ready for questioning if the government believed him to be dishonest, Hildenbrand said disgracing him publically had been a dishonourable and shameful act.

Answering a question posed by the BBC, Bernd said that the plane had been leased back when he wasn’t even the CEO of the PIA and that the matter had been brought before a board of the airline and had been debated and later approved by them.


  1. muhammad said:

    Even the Europeans become corrupt after coming in Pakistan. All knew that PM (Nawaz Sharif is big corrupt why should we cant do corruption.
    Well done Nawaz Sharif you are a corrupt example for this country even for whole world.

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