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‘Govt should take lead in war against terrorism not army’

KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chief and former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal on Saturday raised questions over recent operations kicked off by security forces in Sindh and Punjab following the fresh wave of terrorism, saying that the operations can’t steer Pakistan out of law and order crisis.

Kamal expressed these views at a news conference in Karachi.

He also said that the government should take lead on eliminating terrorism from the country, rather than bringing in the army. “Mothers are tired of picking up their son’s bodies,” he added.

The PSP chief said, “Will the decision to extend Rangers’ powers in Punjab and kick off a fresh military operation is enough to restore peace?  What will happen if these operations failed? I believe that operations can’t eradicate militancy and terrorism since it’s a global phenomenon” adding that handing over the cities to forces was not the solution.

Kamal said that the civil and army leadership should have completely implemented the National Action Plan (NAP), instead of launching a fresh operation. “Why not other points in the NAP including Madrasa reforms, Karachi operation and merger of FATA were implemented,” he questioned.

Mustafa Kamal urged all politicians to find out solution to the menace of terrorism.

He said, “Why people are desperate to kill themselves and others? We must think over it and find out the root causes.”

“The concentration of powers in the central government is the main problem, and the solution lies in devolution of power to grassroots levels”, he concluded.

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