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22 vehicles arrived from China to make city clean

KARACHI: The first batch of machines imported from China to lift garbage arrived on Thursday, to make the city clean.

According to Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro, the next batch of heavy machinery for the purpose would arrive next week and then the garbage-lifting scheme would be launched.

The street sides and empty plots of the provincial metropolis will soon be cleared of the trash heaps as 22 out of 165 cleaning vehicles has arrived, the minister added.

According to details, the vehicles have been handed to the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board after being cleared at the port.

The trash clearing work will first start in the southern and eastern areas of the city.

Work in the southern areas will start from second week of March.

These vehicles can lift up to 10 tonnes of trash. The trash would first be picked up from every house and then be taken to the garbage transfer stations from where it will be sent to landfill sites.

Since the vehicles are completely covered, trash will not fall out, as it is commonly seen happening on the city roads when garbage is carried in vehicles that have been in use.

Not just vehicles, other equipment has also been sent. These included trash cans. Separate coloured trash cans will be placed in different areas. For instance, some parts of Gulshan will have blue trash containers.

The employees of the District Municipal Corporation and sanitary workers will also be involved in the process.

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