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Karachi-Lahore contest to finish bottom already PSL’s fiercest rivalry

DUBAI – One and a half seasons into the Pakistan Super League, the competition already has its fiercest rivalry that has all the making of getting a cult following over the years to come.

After competing for the 5th position in the five-team league last year, the two teams are already eying the foot of the table in PSL season 2 as well.

“Every sporting league needs a high profile rivalry,” says senior sports analyst Alan Wilkins. “There’s Real Madrid-Barcelona, New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Lakers-Boston Celtics, and countless others. PSL already has Karachi Kings-Lahore Qalandars.”

Former captain and senior commentator, Ramiz Raja, feels that considering the format of the competition, PSL’s greatest rivalry would have to be between teams that are competing to finish bottom.

“Unlike many other leagues where the team that finishes at the top stands out, in the PSL it’s the one at the bottom that does it. Everyone else qualifies for the playoffs,” Raja says. “Lahore and Karachi took that fight to the wire in the first season, but the Kings seem to be running away with it this year.”

Karachi Kings got the better of the defending 5th position champions Lahore Qalandars when the two sides met in Sharjah on Thursday. Qalandars would be looking for a turnaround to keep the competition alive.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.