A veritable Ali Baba’s cave

In a newspaper dated 23-12-2016 was published an editorial titled “Mega Plea Bargain” pointing out mega corruption of Rs. 40 billion  committed by former Finance Secretary of Baluchistan comparing  it with Ali Baba’s cave discovered  by the Finance Secretary.  Equally culpable are the C.M. at the time and P.M. of PML-N to have failed to uncover the mega scandal in their time.  The nation has been skinned alive by such disclosures of loot at a mega scale thus defining Pakistan as Lootistan and PML-N is to be squarely blamed for this scale of corruption which allows a master thief to get his relief by merely paying Rs. 2 billion in plea bargain to NAB to cover up his loot of Rs. 40 billion as stated in the said editorial.  Pakistan has been bled white by such sharks   that eclipses   the corruption of previous regimes of Pakistan.  Only rigorous measures could contain the runaway corruption of Govt. circles or the nation would drown in the cesspool   of corruption one day.

 Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti