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Sindh governor asked to support Chandi Tech

KARACHI: The chief of Gul Bahao, an NGO working for bolstering Chandi Technology, in a letter on Thursday, appealed to Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair to support her mission of enhancing the use of Chandi Technology for various uses, particularly making houses in disaster-hit areas.

“The west didn’t develop through its natural resources but through inventions like the steam engine, antibiotics and electricity without having basic resources like abundant sunlight,” she said in the letter.

She said that the Chandi Technology is a research product and its development and extension has taken 23 years on which millions of rupees of the wealthy and educated people of Karachi have been spent. “This can be a big change maker like the mobile telephone. The government should recognise the importance of this technology which can help revolutionise the economy and raise its image at the international level.”

The chief said, “Since the last several months, there has been a steady stream of publicity about Chandi Technology, an innovation of Gul Bahao, in the European media, especially in Hungary, Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, France and Greece. CNN, Voice of America and Aljazeera have given it substantial coverage.”

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