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Govt to compile book on legendary Bano Qudsia

National History and Literary Heritage (NHLH) Division will soon compile a book on the life, personality and literary works of the legendary fiction, novel and drama writer Bano Qudsia.

“This book will be part of the series of the books which will be complied by the division on the works of different celebrated writers in collaboration with its other departments like Pakistan Academy of Letters and National Book Foundation,” said Irfan Siddiqui, the adviser on National History and Literary Heritage.

The objective to compile books on Bano Qudsia and other writers is to introduce the great literary works of our writers to the younger generation, he said. He said this series of books will be made available for the students at discounted rates so that they can afford to buy and study it.

He said that Bano Qudsia was not the name of only a novelist, fiction and drama writer but she is the one who played vibrant role in strengthening the roots of Urdu literature by her thought provoking writings. Bano Qudsia has played significant role in bringing Urdu novel at the level of international literature, giving it a new recognition.

He said the vacuum created due to the death of Bano Qudsia may not be filled till many years to come and her name will remain alive forever in the world of Urdu literature. Bano Qudsia through her deep observation of human behaviours, surroundings and cultural and civilizational aspects produced valuable works which is appreciated nationally and internationally.

Bano Qudsia, 88, passed away in Lahore more than a week ago after suffering illness for last several years. Bano Qudsia is one of the most renowned female writers of the country and has more than two dozen of literary novels, short story collections and Dramas to her credit.

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