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‘Most wanted’ Lyari gang war leader Baba Ladla, 2 others killed in Rangers operation

KARACHI: Sindh Rangers Thursday (today) claimed to have killed notorious Lyari gang war commander Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla in a shootout in Karachi’s Lyari neighbourhood.

Two of Baba Ladla’s close associates, Sikandar alias Sikko and Mohammad Yaseen alias Mama, were also killed in the encounter.

The “most wanted” suspects were involved in numerous terrorist incidents, said Rangers in a press release.

During the operation, Head Constable Fayyaz and Constable Tufail were also killed.

“Baba Ladla was wanted in more than 74 crimes by police,” stated a press release by Rangers.

Acting on a tip-off about the presence of Ladla, the Rangers raided Lyari’s Phool Patti Lane area. Upon seeing them, the gangsters opened fire and lobbed hand grenades at the paramilitary personnel.

After a gunfight that lasted about 35 minutes, Baba Ladla and his two accomplices were killed in the encounter.

“The killing of Baba Ladla group [members] is a lesson for all those youngsters, who inspired by leaders like Baba Ladla are backing or linked to crimes, that they cannot escape the grasp of the law,” the Rangers statement said.

The press release also revealed that Baba Ladla had, with the help of Uzair Baloch, committed the murders of Shera Pathan, Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat. It also stated that in March 2013, Baba Ladla had kidnapped a group of Muhajirs and murdered them.

The Rangers press release also claimed the other gangster gunned down in the operation, Sikander alias Siku, was wanted in more than 15 crimes by police. Sikander was described by Rangers as a close aide of Baba Ladla and also his facilitator. In April 2012, Sikander had committed the murder of SHO Fawad Khan while in the same year he had also killed Constable Asif, according to the press release. In 2013, he had tortured and subsequently killed two other men.  Sikander had also been involved in the sale and purchase of illegal weapons.

-Who was Baba Ladla-

According to Rangers, Baba Ladla was wanted by the police in more than 74 cases. The Lyari gang war ring leader was operating several torture cells in Lyari which had spread fear and terror in the area.

His real name was a pious Noor Mohammad but everyone else knew him as one of Lyari’s bad boys and Rehman aka Dakait’s chief operational commander. He was born in Kalri and went to the government secondary boys school, a far cry from his current occupation.

Frustration over finding a job brought Baba Ladla, 32, into the fold of Dakait’s gang. After he passed his class VIII exams in 1990, his uncle Hameed alias Chachu, who was a friend of the late Usman Ghani, a PPP leader, got him a clerical job at a bank on II Chundrigar Road.

Some of Baba Ladla’s major crimes include:

  • Attack on a police party in April 2012, and the murder of head constable and a constable
  • Killing of Lyari gang war leaders Arshad Pappu, Yasir Arafat and Shera Pathan and desecrating and burning their bodies with gang war leader Uzair Baloch’s collaboration
  • The murder of five people including a Dalmia resident and his sons
  • Kidnapping three people in March 2013 and killing one of them after torture

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    Good Riddance! All likely criminals should be shot on sight saves a lot of public money in trial costs and makes society safe.

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    So we long have social inequity and injustice in Pakistan……….we will continue many more baba ladla's………May Allah guide us all…..

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    Your comment…there is a lot of baba ladlas in our country and in power,they should also be eliminated specifically the white collar and religious criminals.

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