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Shahi Syed suggests death penalty for politicians consuming alcohol

Awami National Party (ANP) Senator Shahi Syed on Friday suggested death penalty for politicians who consume alcohol, while Rehman Malik demanded a mandatory DNA test for them.

During a meeting of Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior with Senator Rehman Malik in the chair, Shahi Syed questioned, “Parliamentarians represent the people and if they are not punished for doing a wrong thing then why should poor people be.”

“Politicians should be hanged to death for consuming liquor, while a lay man should face six months in prison,” he added.

Asked about marijuana, Shahi Syed said, “People call it darwesh’s intoxicant, but that too is wrong and should also be prohibited”.

On the occasion, Rehman Malik said that all politicians should undergo a DNA test, adding, “It should be declared whether someone ever consumed alcohol, marijuana or opium, prior to contesting an election”.

He was complimented by Syed that if this happened then majority of politicians would be disqualified. The ANP senator regretted that a Hindu is named for selling and consuming liquor, but it is actually done by a Muslim.

Javed Abbasi said whoever produces and sells moonshine it is illegal.

Consuming and selling liquor is prohibited in Pakistan; it’s sale, however, is permitted to people of other religions through licensed liquor stores.

There have also been numerous casualties in the wake of locally-prepared toxic moonshine on a number of occasions.

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  1. Riaz Ahmad said:

    If he thinks death sentence for politicians who drink alcohol is an appropriate punishment, why is he silent on much more heinous crime of looting the state? The mindset and priorities of these politicians are utterly crazy.

  2. Zaheer ahmed said:

    How it come, then we will lose 80% of our dear politicians and bureaucrats sitting in Islamabad. Please be polite to them as they are masters. please revisit your suggestion.

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