Syed Noor’s wife Rukhsana Noor passes away

Pakistani film producer/director Syed Noor’s wife Rukhsana Noor passed away on Thursday in Lahore.

She was 58 years of age.Rukhsana was fighting cancer for the 15 years and even went to America for treatment, where she lived with one of her daughters. She had three daughters and one son with Noor. Details about the funeral have not been revealed yet.

Rukhsana was a journalist, who taught in various universities in Punjab and even launched a private production house later on. She has written several songs and scripts for famous yesteryear films such as Choorian, which was directed by Noor.

When Noor got married for the second time to film star Saima, Rukhsana began living separately but chose not to divorce him.