Is Sherlock losing its viewership?

The popular BBC show of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s Sherlock marked very low ratings. They just reached 6 million viewers tuning in on Sunday night.

The previous lowest-rated episode of the drama had been the second one of season one, which attracted an audience of 6.4 million. However, that episode’s 25.6% share of the total UK TV audience at the time was lower than Sunday’s 27.4% share.

Usually, the ratings for the hit drama always rise in the consolidated ratings for a full week.

Sunday’s audience for the second 90-minute episode of season four, The Lying Detective, came in well below the 8.1 million viewers for the first episode The Six Thatchers just one week earlier.

That, in turn, had 1.1 million views from season three’s premiere back in 2014. It was the most watched program over the Christmas holidays in British channels.

It is still unclear whether the show will return for a fifth season.