US urges Pakistan, India, Afghanistan to cooperate in countering terrorism

The United States has urged Pakistan, India and Afghanistan to cooperate with each other in countering terrorism.

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner at a daily press briefing in Washington said the security of three regional countries is interconnected; hence, they should cooperate with each other for the betterment of the region.

He acknowledged that Pakistan has made significant efforts to eliminate terrorist safe havens in the border areas with Afghanistan.


  1. Riaz Ahmad said:

    United states is THE problem and not the solution, there is no representative government in Afghanistan, the puppet government in powewr takes oders from the US, it has no option, it cannot stand on its own with out financial and military crutches provided by the US. US should get out and leave it to Afghan government and its close alley India. Without financial and milatary crutches, the Afghan government will be forced to come to the negotiating table to discuss peace with the Taliban or get booted out by force. In bothe evebts there will peace eventually.

    • ravi said:

      Pakistan is a country of puppeeters, trying to find faults in others and believing itself to be Country of Noble souls.

      If Afg goes, so will Pakistan, you cant touch India

    • eddied said:

      another fool who blames the terrorism that Taliban murderers commit on the west?…the problem is too many idiots in Pakistan think that the barbarian taliban rejecting participation in democracy and trying to kill their way into power is normal and good for Afghanistan?…uneducated small minds who can't understand that if Afghanistan falls to the Taliban, Pakistan will be next…

  2. Is lame said:

    What’s up with Taliban and al Qaeda , have they smoked all the weed in Afghanistan?
    What is it that they want, or they want nothing and acting under influence of psychotics?

  3. Sushanth said:

    Pakistan depends on US money and support terrorism. if its continues the same Pakistan will disintegrate due the backyard snakes its feeding

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