Punjab govt allows private schools 5% yearly fee increase

Instead of trying to ensure the quality of education in private educational institutions in Punjab, the provincial government, in what could be dubbed a ‘business-friendly initiative’, has allowed all schools to make five per cent increase in their annual fees.

The provincial government’s move to allow the schools to make such an increase distressed the public who are already burdened with poverty and inflation and expect steps that will help ease their woes. This initiative is likely to further strengthen the perception that it is truly a businessmen friendly government.

Despite the fact that it is incumbent upon the government to provide free education to all citizens of Pakistan, most of the schools do not have playgrounds and other necessities.

The government issued no ordinance for ensuring quality and standards in the schools, despite tall claims of bringing revolutionary changes to the education sector.

Shah Nawaz Mohal

The writer is a law graduate and member of staff, Islamabad Bureau.