LHC allows Federal Ombudsman to address public complaints

A Lahore High Court (LHC) division bench on Tuesday allowed the Federal Ombudsman to address public complaints regarding gas distribution companies, while suspending a single bench order.

The bench headed by Justice Muhammad Farrukh Irfan Khan passed orders on an intra-court appeal filed by the secretariat ombudsman against a LHC single bench order wherein the ombudsman was restrained from addressing such complaints.

During the hearing, the ombudsman’s counsel Hafiz Ahsan Khokhar apprised the bench that the ombudsman had jurisdiction to hear public complaints regarding gas and electricity companies.

“The federal ombudsman might take cognizance of such acts of maladministration by the companies as per provisions of the relevant laws,” he added.

He submitted that the single bench’s orders were inconsistent with the law and pleaded the bench to set aside them.

The bench suspended the previous orders and allowed the federal ombudsman to address public complaints.