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Donald Trump won’t tolerate ‘dual role’ from Pakistan: US’s Republican Hindu Coalition

US President-elect Donald Trump reportedly made it clear to a US Republican Hindu group that he’s “not going to tolerate a dual role from India’s neighbours.”

Shalabh Kumar, an Indian-American businessman and founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition told Indian media that this was the message Trump conveyed in his meetings with him. Kumar is part of Trump’s transition team.

“The US President-elect made that policy very, very clear, that he is not going to tolerate a dual role fromIndia’s neighbours,” said Kumar referring to Pakistan.

“You need good defence cooperation among friends, which is happening but is going to accelerate dramatically in the common fight against terrorism,” Kumar added.

Kumar is reportedly closely associated with the BJP and the RSS, according to The Economic Times. He held a rally for Trump in New Jersey, in the final leg of the Presidential campaign, and donated a whopping $898,000 (approximately Rs 6 crore) towards Trump’s campaign.

Another of Kumar’s goals and Trump’s, according to him is to increase trade between India and the USin one year to $300 billion from the current $100 billion. “That will be a win-win for both sides as both will gain millions of jobs,” Kumar said.

Kumar and his daughter Manasvi Mamgai, a former Miss India, also revealed there will be Bollywood celebrities performing at Trump’s inauguration as President on January 20.

“You will see Bollywood biggies, Bollywood entertainment and all the ‘jhatkas’ and ‘matkas’,” Mamgai said.

She was extremely hopeful about Trump’s relationship with India.

“I think Trump is going to be the best US president for India so far as he has shown support to us, he’s very vocal about it,” Mamgai said.

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  1. Riaz Ahmad said:

    India has has formidable lobby in US by way of influential India centric or Indian origin individuals and intellectuals who actively participate in American policy think tanks, there are also India centric organizations of American Indians and Indophiles. India also has a dependable and friendly state of Israel with most powerful Jewish individuals and Israeli lobby to assist them. Pakistan on the other had has individuals and even ambassadors who represent vested interest of corrupt political leaders and parties, actively denigrating Pakistan army and ISI and working against national interest. India has its work cut out, Pakistanis are doing their work for them.

    • paul said:

      What Pakistan need is to stop playing 'dual-games' with the western world and stop chasing the 'yellow-ass' as an alternative to years of dependence for their financial and military well-being on the western world!

        • paul said:

          and see the complete destruction of an unnatural creation of a country called Pakistan!

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