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UN Security Council rejects India’s anti-Pakistan bid

The United Nations Security Council has rejected a politically motivated proposal by India seeking sanctions against Pakistan over terrorism, the Foreign Office said on Sunday.

“UN Security Council’s 1267 Sanctions Committee related to Islamic State (IS) and al Qaeda has rejected a politically motivated proposal by India,” FO spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said in a statement. “Replete with frivolous information and baseless allegations, the Indian proposal had no merit and was aimed at advancing its narrow national agenda,” the spokesperson added.

Slamming India’s policy of state-sponsored terrorism, Zakaria said New Delhi was itself involved in perpetrating, sponsoring, supporting, and financing terrorism. “Pakistan has been a direct victim of India’s state sponsored terrorism and confessions of RAW’s agent Kulbhushan Jadhav about his involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan proves this fact,” he said.

The spokesperson went on to say that more evidence of India’s involvement in stoking terrorism inside Pakistan will be share with the UN and international community. “It is clear that India’s unfounded allegations against Pakistan are in fact aimed at masking its own terrorist activities in Pakistan.”

Zakaria also reiterated Islamabad’s commitment to continue close cooperation with the international community in its collective endeavours for the elimination of terrorism. “Pakistan has made a significant contribution and rendered enormous sacrifices in the success of international community’s efforts against terrorism,” he said.

Relations between the two nuclear-armed arch rivals have plummeted in recent months, with India blaming Pakistani militants for a raid on an army base in its part of Kashmir in September that killed 19 soldiers. India said it responded by carrying out strikes across the heavily-militarised border, although Islamabad denies these took place. The neighbours have been engaged in a diplomatic tit-for-tat ever since.

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