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Sindh CM expresses reservations over federal govt’s attitude regarding NAP

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah expressed reservations over the federal government’s attitude over the National Action Plan, as he chaired the 18th Apex Committee meeting on Monday.

During the meeting, 62 banned organisations were added to the first schedule. A petition asking for 94 seminaries to be added to the first schedule was submitted to the Interior Ministry, a statement released after the meeting said.

Over 92,646 Afghans were registered in Sindh, the statement added.

The Chief Minister said that NACTA was not performing its duties and members from banned outfits were holding public meetings. He said that the Sindh government will write a letter to the Interior Ministry over illegal ammunition factories.

Addressing the media after the 18th meeting of Apex Committee, he censured the federal government as several banned terror outfits are holding their congregations but the government is not heeding them.

“Do these proscribed organisations enjoy the patronising by the government?” he raised questions asking, “Where is the federal interior minister?”

“Federal government did nothing in connection with the reforms of seminaries,” he remarked.

“No clear-cut policy is being framed in this connection,” he added.

“The federal government has no clear policy with regard to banned militants,” Chandio said.

“The federal government has also not fulfilled its role with regard to madrassahs,” he added.

The provincial apex committee meeting was called by Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah. The meeting focused on the overall situation of law and order in the city as well as the ongoing Karachi operation.According to Advisor to Chief Minister Maula Bakhsh Chandio, who spoke to the media after the meeting, the members of the meeting agreed that the federal government did not have a clear policy over banned organisations.

He said that the federal government had not done much for seminary reforms in the province. “Sindh does not have weapons, weapons are manufactured elsewhere,” he said.

During the meeting reservations were also expressed over a raid by Sindh Rangers at Asif Ali Zardari’s close aide Anwar Majeed’s offices.

Sindh Police IG A D Khawaja, Corps Commander Karachi Lieutenant General Shahid Baig and Director General Sindh Rangers Major General Mohammad Saeed also attended the meeting. The Sindh Police IG has returned from forced leave after the Sindh High Court stayed orders for his removal.

The meeting also deliberated that the federal government should crack down on illegal factories which were manufacturing arms and shut them down. The Chief Minister also expressed concern at the rising street crimes in the city and urged IG Sindh to take actions to prevent the spread of street crimes.

“I want a street-crime free Karachi,” instructed Murad Ali Shah to IG Sindh.

During the meeting, Murad Ali Shah also told IG Sindh that under no circumstances would the rising number of incidences pertaining to motorcycle theft be tolerated.

“Street criminals commit crimes and then seek refuge in Katchi abadis,” he said. “Intelligence-based operations should be increased,” he instructed IG Sindh.Senior ministers including Nisar Khuhro and Murtaza Wahab also attended the session.

Responding to Chandio, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Talal Chaudhry said that the federal government is giving Karachi law and order, water and a motorway. “In seven years the PPP turned Karachi into ancient civilization Mohenjo Daro,” he said.

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