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Imran Khan calls Javed Hashmi an insane person


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has declared 2017 as the year of justice beginning with Panama leaks probe.

Talking to media persons on Sunday Imran said that the year will start with Panamagate and justice will be served.

When asked about Javed Hashmi, Imran Khan said he has become a mental patient now.

“Javed Hashmi has gone insane and is lying regarding the sit-in statement”, he added.

Imran further said Javed Hashmi is at that age where he himself does not know what is he saying.

Talking about Karachi issues, Imran Khan said if the people of Karachi do not pressurise the administration to solve their basic problems, then Karachi will become another Mohenjo-Daro.

Imran Khan also announced to arrange a big walk and carry out a protest for the basic rights of the people of Karachi in his next visit after the Panamaleaks case was over.

“The mafia in Karachi is making money over water. Properties are being bought in Dubai with stolen money but no one is taking notice of that” he said.

“No one cares about the situation in Karachi. We would gather the people of Karachi. Clean water and a clean Karachi is the right of people,” Khan added.

About internal rift in the party, Khan said that they are firing the deceivers from the party.

PTI Chairman said they could join hands with PPP on Panamaleaks issue only as he would not enter into the alliance with parties whose leaders are facing corruption cases.  He questioned that if a head of the country involves himself in corruption and theft, how he can prevent the plunder.

He disclosed that the government was looting the money through a front man.


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