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Pakistan won’t accept any modifications to Indus Waters Treaty: Fatemi

Pakistan has made it clear that it will not accept any modifications or changes to Indus Waters Treaty, PM’s special aide on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi said in an interview in Washington where he is on an official visit.

The statement comes at a time when India has agreed to discuss its differences with Pakistan over the treaty.

Tariq Fatemi said Pakistan’s position is based on the principles enshrined in the treaty, adding that the treaty must be honoured in letter and spirit.

The treaty, signed in 1960, gives India control over the three eastern rivers of the Indus basin while it gives Pakistan authority over the three western rivers.

The latest of issues between Pakistan and India over Indus Waters Treaty is a new project which India wants to establish on River Chenab. Pakistan has termed it a violation of the treaty.

Earlier to this, India sought more time to address Pakistan’s concerns over technical issues of Indus Waters Treaty, according to Vikas Swarup, a spokesperson for Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

However, the very statement cautioned Pakistani authorities, who say India has already completed one such project using the same strategy on various occasions, which cannot be included in the treaty.

The Indian side has also repeatedly threatened to revoke the treaty and stop the flow of waters into Pakistan in recent months.

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