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Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar gets bail in two more cases

An Anti-terrorism court issued orders for the release of jailed Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar after granting him bail in two cases related to facilitation of provocative speeches. The court ordered Akhtar to deposit a surety sum of Rs100,000 in each case.

While the ATC-I has issued orders for Akhtar’s release as has the ATC-III after granting him bail in four cases, the city mayor is unlikely to be freed until he secures bail in two other pending cases.

There were 39 cases filed against the mayor in different cases including May 12 riots and facilitating hate speech. He has been granted bail in 38 cases and he needs bail in one more case, related to facilitating medical treatment of terrorists, to get out of jail.

Waseem Akhtar was arrested on July 19 on suspicion of sheltering and providing medical treatment to alleged militants and criminals. He also faces charges of inciting riots.

He was elected the mayor of Karachi in August and has been running his office from jail.

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Akhtar has said repeatedly in the past that he should be granted bail in the interest of Karachi.

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