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Afridi, Miandad trade words over farewell match

Afridi calls Miandad ‘money-hungry’, Miandad dubs him ‘match-fixer’

The former captain Shahid Khan Afridi slammed Javed Miandad on Sunday over his farewell match, terming the legend a man who is ‘always after money.’

“Money has always been an issue with Miandad. That is the difference between him and Imran Khan,” said Afridi during the book launch of a newspaper’s sports editor.

Afridi was replying to a query by a reporter who quoted Miandad as saying that “Afridi wants a farewell match only for the money.”

The issue of Afridi’s farewell match has been doing the rounds after the hard-hitting all-rounder said he deserved a match to say his farewell to cricket.

Miandad reacted by saying that Afridi was no longer a superstar.

“Afridi is no longer in demand, which is why he his making such remarks. As far as the difference between me and Imran Khan is concerned, fans know more about it and they are the better judge.”

Miandad was furious about Afridi’s remark, responding to it by alleging Afridi of being a “match-fixer.” He said that Imran Khan had always said nice things about him. He confirmed that he had suggested the board not to give Afridi a farewell match.

Talking to a private news channel, Miandad said that he was against giving anyone an international match just for the sake of a farewell. He said that it was honourable for any cricketer to leave cricket at the right time. He responded to Afridi’s allegation of being ‘money-hungry’ by saying that he could have continued to play cricket, had he been hungry for money.

Afridi, whose international cricket seems to be over amid the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) reluctance to give him a farewell match, said he will continue to play first-class cricket as well as T20 leagues.

“Honestly, I am not desperate to get my farewell match. The love I have gotten from fans over the years are the biggest earnings in my entire career,” he said.

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