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JoSH’s Qurram to make his debut as music director in Lollywood

The lead vocalist and brains behind the music of world famous South Asian band JoSH, Qurram Hussain is going to make his debut as music director and playback singer in Lollywood with a love story titled ‘Rangreza’.

The movie starring Bilal Ashraf, Urwa Hocane and Gohar Rasheed is being directed by Amir Mohiuddin.

Talking about the project Qurram said, “I’m doing four songs for the movie ‘Rangreza’. All these songs are of different genres, so it’s a lot of fun trying my hand at different styles of music for this film.”

He started his music career in 2001 with JoSH’s first album Main Hoon Tanha and this is his second solo project outside JoSH after the Pakistani collaboration with Komal Rizvi for ‘Desan da Raja’.

JoSH has released more than 17 music videos internationally and have successful collaborations with DJ Domeno, Priyanka Chopra, Pitbull and Nelly Furtado to their credit.

Despite being approached by directors and producers for various projects, Qurram said, he chooses Rangreza for his debut film project. He also revealed he would also have a short appearance in the video of one song. “We have not finalised which song yet, but the songs start taking shape, we can decide where my feature will make the most sense

Not only that, Qurram seemed to be impressed by the progress made by the Pakistani movie industry.

“What I see now is that it’s not the old Lollywood days. I think that the Pakistani movie industry has gone through a major upgrade in the last couple of years, and it’s evident in the way things are moving forward.”

“Everyone involved in Rangreza is working as a unit, and putting their hearts and soul into this project, including myself. Of course, the industry is growing and getting better, but the main thing is that people are working together, and not against each other. It’s in all our interests to make the industry grow fast, and we stand behind that goal! ” he added.

In reply to a question about his future projects, he said that he had been in the conversation for three other movies projects.

“There is a lot of good energy in the entertainment industry of Pakistan, so lots of those projects are looking for a new sound, and are happy to hear that I can bring in a fresh sound.”

“Other than that, I’m on a journey to try to bring positive projects to Pakistan and help the overall energy of our country. I’m in talks for being a goodwill ambassador for a social cause, as well as working on bringing some international productions to Pakistan as well. I hope whatever I can do can help all of us grow together and shed a positive light on Pakistan,” he concluded.