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PEF is role model for development sector

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is a role model organisation for the development sector which has benefitted the whole lot of disfranchised segments of the society through provision of totally free education. The usefulness and cost-effectiveness of its educational model has been commended at different national and international fora. As a result, PEF has helped to project a soft-image of the country.

PEF MD Tariq Mahmood said this while talking to a three-member delegation of the Citizen Foundation (TCF) comprising of TCF President and CEO Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, Vice President (operations) Tauseef-ul-Islam and provincial coordinator Brig (R) Shoaib at his office today. Different PEF officials were also present on the occasion.

PEF MD said that supportive role of the community is pivotal in promoting school education at the grassroots; and therefore, the partner schools should strive to involve them in motivating the low income families about education of their children. They should maintain close and continuous liaison with students, parents and their teachers so that composite development of the budding minds could be ensured, he added.

“We develop our students as future leaders who could demonstrate best performance in their respective fields. This will also help in eradicating the element of dropping out as well as making education a collective effort,” he added.

Mahmood said that as many as 806 training workshops were being held in different districts for the overall capacity building of partner schools, teachers and head teachers. It is hoped that the provision of free quality education to the children from indigent strata will strengthen them to live an honorable living by fully exploiting the potential of education. With this thing in mind, school partners are encouraged to promote sports and other co-curricular activities in their schools to mould the students in a positive way, he explained.

On the occasion, TCF delegation thanked the foundation and termed their educational partnership under Public School Support Programme (PSSP) a good experience.

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