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Lawyers protest against Quetta blast enters 8th consecutive day

Lawyers across the country Monday (today) have continued their strike on the eighth day and boycotted court proceedings against Quetta blast that killed 74 people.

The Supreme Court Bar Association announced a week of mourning and a three-day strike on Monday after a bomb ripped through a large group of lawyers who had gathered at a hospital in the city of Quetta to mourn their colleague, who was shot dead earlier that day. In addition to the dozens killed, the bombing wounded at least 112, hospital officials said.

The strike has now entered the eighth day.

Black flags are still waving on the courts to lament the attack whereas people are also facing problems due to the complete boycott of lawyers.

The lawyers have also demanded strict security for them.

Supreme Court Bar Association President Syed Ali Zafar said that the attack targeted lawyers because they are an “important pillar” of the country’s legal system, and provide intellectual leadership. Zafar demanded the government take action and provide security to the legal community.

While security is usually tight at Pakistan’s Supreme Court and provincial High Courts, as well as those trying sensitive terrorism cases, it can be more relaxed at lower courts at the district level and can vary from area to area.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed Tuesday to continue anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan. “We are in a state of war with an ideology that wants to change our way of life,” Sharif said in a statement released by his office after a high-profile meeting on national security.

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