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Secretary wants to enhance surveillance on Polio, Congo Fever

Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary Ali Jan Khan on Sunday directed the executive district officers (EDOs) to improve monitoring and surveillance in polio eradication and Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Punjab.

Chairing the monthly meeting of EDOs, he said that in view of the coming Eid, the EDOs must enhance coordination with the livestock department and implement the agreed SOPs for Congo virus surveillance. He also directed that dengue positive cases with exposure history with animals must be screened for Congo virus as well.

Alongside the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary, Punjab Health Services Director General Dr Mukhtar Hussain Syed, programme managers, EDOs of all districts, Chief Minister Roadmap Team, PITB, Policy and Strategic Planning Unit, UNICEF, WHO and Gates Foundation participated in the conference.

EPI Director Dr Munir Ahmed gave a detailed update on the revised performance indicators in the National Emergency Action Plan for Polio Eradication for 2016-17 in areas like program operations, risk assessment, decision support and management, oversight and accountability. He especially highlighted data accuracy in district reports and focus on measles coverage as areas for immediate improvement.

The chair reviewed the reports of independent monitors on the DHQs and THQs across the province by the provincial staff and inquired from the EDOs for the same.

PSH secretary further said that electronically marked attendance was being ensured through the support of the Punjab Information Technology Board and the staff not completing the required attendance may be penalised.

The roadmap team shared data analysis on key performance indicators like electronic vaccination (E-Vac) coverage, safe deliveries, biometric attendance, clinical staff posting and presence, cleanliness, medicine supplies and stocks. The CM’s roadmap team also highlighted that the six districts picked for initial introduction in October must ensure proper training of staff, adequate cold chain functionality and AEFI (Adverse Effects Following Immunisation) arrangements.

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