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Clinton accepts historic nomination, slams Trump’s vision

Accepting the Democratic nomination as the first woman presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton pledged, if voted to power in America’s “moment of reckoning,” she will strive for a better tomorrow for all US citizens.

Her message of political inclusiveness at the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention also targeted Republican opponent Donald Trump’s positions that are viewed in the media and independent circles as exclusionary and contrary to the spirit of American success story as a nation of immigrants.

The moment also marked a landmark event for her husband Bill Clinton, who along with their daughter Chelsea Clinton and vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine watched Hillary Clinton make a strong case for her election in a divisive political climate. If Hillary is elected, Bill Clinton will be first male spouse as first gentleman and first former president to live in the White House.

Clinton argued that Trump runs politics by inciting fear among people.

“He wants to divide us from the rest of the world, and from each other,” Clinton said. “He’s betting that the perils of today’s world will blind us to its unlimited promise.”

The former top American diplomat said Trump has “taken the Republican Party a long way — from ‘Morning in America’ to ‘Midnight in America.”  Clinton’s remark referred to former popular Republican president Ronald Reagan’s message of optimism as he saw America as a shining city on the hill.

“He wants us to fear the future and fear each other,” said Clinton.

Contrastingly, Clinton presented herself as a leader for all Americans. She told the charged partisan gathering that America does not need fear-based politics but someone with her experience and vision that seeks welfare of all citizens.

The Donald Trump campaign, reacting to Clinton’s remarks, rejected them as “an insulting collection of clichés and recycled rhetoric.”

A campaign statement said the speech was “delivered from a fantasy universe, not the reality we live in today.”

In Iowa, Trump, commenting on Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech, told his backers: “I think we will stay together all night because I don’t really want to go home and watch that crap.”

But in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton savored her nomination with promises to fix problems facing the country, from jobs to economic inequality.

Significantly, and in a reach out to young Americans, Clinton said she will work with her primary rival Senator Bernie Sanders to make sure students do not face burden of loans.

Clinton, who is expected to face a lot of attacks from Trump on a variety of issues in the run up to November 8 election, opposed immigration positions of Trump.

She said it would be unfair to kick out the undocumented immigrants and promised to work for comprehensive immigration reforms.

Turning to national security and foreign policy issues, Clinton said, her administration would work with American allies. She said the U.S. will defeat ISIS, make sure Iranian nuclear deal is followed in earnest and also vowed Israeli security.

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