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Swat woman accuses father-in-law of sexual abuse

A 20-year-old woman has accused her father-in-law of sexually abusing her multiple times in the absence of her husband.

Naseeb Jan, resident of the Bara Duruskhkela in Matta Tehsil of Mingora, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) alleged that Muhammad Amin molested her on a number of occasions while also stabbing her with a blade.

“After the departure of my husband to Saudi Arabia, my father-in-law Muhammad Amin started molesting me and he would beat me up if I refused to comply with his demand,” the victim said.

Her mother Bakh-e-Jehan has appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan, KP chief minister and prime minister to take action against the brutality of the assaulter who kept abusing her daughter-in-law sexually when her husband was not in the country.

Jehan said that she had married off her daughter to Islam Zada, a relative, who had been working in Saudi Arabia.

According to the victim’s mother who also went to the Asharay Police Station but officials demanded Rs 2,000 in bribe to raid the house. Jehan went on to say that though the police had gone to her daughter’s in-laws, they neither took any action nor filed an FIR.

Jehan claimed that there were around 52 marks of deep wounds on her daughter’s body but on her repeated pleas, the concerned police personnel did not file any case against the culprit.

She went to the police station once again but only was told that they should resolve this issue at home as it was a personal matter.

“I informed my mother about the ill treatment and now we are waiting for justice.” the victim said.

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