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Qandeel murder case: Police gains access to Mufti Qavi’s mobile data

Police on Thursday gained access to mobile data of Mufti Abdul Qavi, which showed that the last contact between Qandeel Baloch and him took place on June 22. It also showed that they were in contact even before June 22.

According to police, Qavi would record his statement on Friday. Officials said that a 14-point questionnaire was prepared to interrogate Qavi upon his arrival.

Qandeel’s brother Waseem, who is also the main suspect in the case was presented in the civil judge’s court. The court handed over Waseem to police on remand for another three days.

The slain model’s brother was presented before the court after his three-day physical remand ended on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday, a taxi driver named Basit presented himself for arrest before police in Qandeel Baloch murder case. Police had already included Qandeel Baloch’s parents and brother-in-law in the investigation.

Police also started questioning the social media star’s relatives in the case. The ongoing investigation had revealed that more than one person was involved in the murder. The mother of slain model Qandeel Baloch had also claimed that Mufti Abdul Qavi had provoked her son into murdering her daughter.

Earlier, Qandeel’s brother Muhammad Waseem admitted to strangling her to death for the “honour of the family”. Waseem said he gave a ‘tablet’ to Baloch to subdue her and then strangled her in their family home over the weekend.

Police had said that Waseem along with his cousin Haq Nawaz had plotted the murder. Basit, another relative, had waited in a car at a distance from the house. After committing the murder, the three had fled in his car.

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