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PM directs revival of tribunal for disadvantaged persons

Rejecting the Ministry of Human Rights’s proposal for its abolition, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Thursday instead directed the ministry for revival as well as proper functioning of Tribunal for Disadvantaged Persons to guarantee the rights of women, children and religious minorities.

The prime minister while observing that government has a much greater duty of care towards its disadvantaged citizens, said that a revitalized Tribunal for Disadvantaged Persons could play a very effective role in helping the government deliver on its commitments under the Action Plan for Human Rights, according to a PM House statement.

He said even though governmental responsibilities towards labour have been devolved to provinces under the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the federal government could not give up its supervisory role with regard to the rights and welfare of labour, particularly in the domain of child labour and labour employed in extractive industries.

The prime minister directed the Ministry of Human Rights to establish an institutional mechanism to supervise and monitor the performance of provincial and regional governments in the area of labour welfare and protection of labour rights with a focus on labour employed in extractive industries and elimination of child labour.

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