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Cantt colleges denying admissions to outsiders

Students and their parents have protested over the denial of admissions by cantonment colleges to the students of other areas of Rawalpindi.

Sources said that the students of others areas except for the cantonment areas were not allowed admissions in colleges located in garrison areas. The cantonment colleges have made it mandatory for the students to be the residents of cantonment areas for being eligible to admissions in colleges.

The students said that by denying admissions, the cantonment colleges were signaling out the students of the Rawalpindi and other areas, where either there were few colleges or the standard was below average. They have demanded that the federal and the provincial governments take notice of the issue and order to lift the ban immediately.

Sources said that the ban has opened a floodgate of corruption as the students have started obtaining residential certificates of cantonment areas against heavy bribes.

The sources said that federal government colleges operating in cantonment areas have been denying admissions to the students hailing from areas other than the cantonment.

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