Tackling “honour” killings

A few days ago social media starlet Qandeel Baloch was strangled to death by her brother casting a spotlight on honour killing murders in Pakistan. Unfortunately, every year, more than 500 women are killed in the name of honour. Although human rights groups and politicians have for years called for strict laws to tackle perpetrators of violence against women in Pakistan, they often walk free because they always “seek forgiveness” for the crime from another family member. Keeping this in mind, the announcement by the law minister that parliament will soon vote on bills aimed at tackling honour killings and boosting rape convictions is a positive step to discourage honor killings and rape crimes. As there is no honour in honour killing therefore, all the political parties including the religious parties are requested to approve the bills on priority basis. Only words will not do anything until they are followed by actions.

Shehar Bano Syed