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Spirit of fraternity, friendship governs Iran-Pakistan ties: Velayati

Iranian Supreme Leader’s adviser Dr Ali Akbar Velayati has met Lieutenant General Naseer Khan Janjua, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor who is on a tour of Iran.

Ali Akbar Velayati received Mr Janjua, and they discussed briefly the prospects of relations between two countries given the cultural and geographical common elements connecting both nations; Velayati believed that a spirit of fraternity and peace had governed relations of the past and that geographical borders would not separate two nations of such proximities. He pointed to many of his visits to Pakistan during his long incumbency as foreign minister as testimony to improved Iran-Pakistan relations.

Mr Janjua also was in agreement with Velayati on the fact that Iran and Pakistan enjoyed elements which had made them quite close; “both nations had faced difficulties and issues within the world of Islam the solving of which entailed common resolve,” said Pakistani general.

In a related event, Velayati told reporters after his meeting with Mr Janjua about a general shift in Pakistan’s policy towards Iran; “Pakistan had in occasions acted positively in line with Iran’s policies in the region, which included their wise decline of Saudi proposal that the country sends troops to futile warfare in Yemen, which was an act of valor by Pakistani officials,” he praised the eastern neighbor. Velayati criticised Saudis of ‘turning realities upside-down’ in Kashmiri setting; “India, on the other hand, should beware of actions undermining the rights of Muslims in Kashmir,” he added.

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