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DPC pleads for cancelling trade, cultural ties with India

Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC) has called upon the government to cancel trade and cultural pacts with India until it accepts Kashmir as a disputed territory and withdraws its troops from there.

The demand was made by DPC Steering Committee’s Chairman Liaqat Baloch at a press conference held at Mansoora on Sunday.

The committee also stressed the government to convene a meeting of all political and religious parties before the parliament in order to evolve a unified stance on Kashmir issue similar to the NAP.

It said that it was a matter of shame that at a time when Kashmiris were drawing the attention of the world to the Kashmir issue, the Pakistani government was nullifying their sacrifices by talking about friendship with India.

The steering committee also called for the appointment of a full-fledged foreign minister and to adopt an effective foreign policy.

Those attending the meeting among included Hafiz Abdur Rahman Makki, Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar Ropari, Muhammad Sohaib Khan, Muhammad Yaqub Sheikh, Abdur Rauf Farooqi, Syed Haroon Ali Gilani and Muhammad Ali Yazdani.

Liaqat Baloch announced that all the parties in the DPC would hold a march from Lahore to Wagha on July 31. Later, a Kashmir caravan and Kashmir conference would be held in Karachi on August 14, which would be addressed by the heads of all the DPC parties.

He said that Kashmiris were offering their lives for accession to Pakistan and Indian occupation force had martyred around 60 Kashmiri youth for showing their love for Pakistan. On the other hand, the rulers were exchanging gifts of saris and mangoes with Indian leaders.

Baloch said that the Kashmir liberation movement had entered a new phase after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani. At this juncture, it was the duty of the Pakistani government to support the Kashmiris in line with the sentiments of the nation and talk to New Delhi for the solution of the Kashmir issue, but the rulers did not deem it necessary to change their attitude.

Baloch said the martyrdom of Burhan Wani had given a new life to the Kashmir liberation struggle.

While condemning the fresh statement of Indian Foreign Minister, Baloch said that if India did not give up her intransigence on the Kashmir issue, not only Kashmir but 27 other states within India would win their freedom from Indian occupation.

He condemned the silence of the UN, the European Union, and the OIC on the atrocities by the Indian forces in Kashmir. He said that Indian troops were violating human rights in the valley, but the so-called human rights bodies were silent spectators.

He announced all out support to Syed Ali Gilani’s formulae on the Kashmir issue and urged the government to speed up its diplomatic war in this regard.

Baloch also condemned the indifference of the electronic media on the Kashmir issue. He added that the advertisement of Indian films and dramas and the blackout of Kashmir issue by the media was shameful.

He said that a delegation of DPC would call on the owners of media houses to apprise them of the significance of the Kashmir issue and the national sentiments in this regard.

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    I hope when they break ties for trade than they should stop whining about Kashmir. Bhai log apne ghar ko sudharo and than point fingers towards other. Nafrat key beej lagao ge toh fasal bhi wasai hogi. Sudhro salo and sharam karo and apne logo ka mustakbil sudaharo.

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