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Justice delayed for girl stabbed two months ago in Lahore by lawyer’s son

  • Victim’s family appeals to CJP, LHC CJ for justice as accused is still on pre-arrest interim bail after stabbing girl 23 times
  • Powerful lawyer-father of accused using pressure tactics, influence to threaten family of victim for ‘reconciliation’

Stabbed 23 times by the scion of an influential lawyer over two months ago outside a local hotel, a second year law student and her family are gradually beginning to lose hope for justice as the family of her powerful attacker have successfully kept him out of the reach of the ‘long arms of the law’ since the day of the attack, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Khadija Siddiqui, a law student at a local college, was stabbed multiple times in broad daylight on May 2, by 20-year-old Shah Hussain when she had gone to collect her younger sister from the Convent of Jesus and Mary school on Durand Road.

According to police officials, CCTV footage from the hotel clearly showed Hussain, who was wearing a helmet, attacking Khadija with a butcher’s knife. The attacker was recognized when the girl’s driver intervened and his helmet fell off his head. However, he fled the scene unchallenged. The driver then rushed the young girl to the Services Hospital where doctors spent eight hours to save her life.

An FIR was registered with the Civil Lines Police Station on May 3, but the accused Shah Hussain succeeded in getting a pre-arrest interim bail from the sessions court through his lawyer Aftab Ahmad Bajwa.

According to Khadija’s family, on the second hearing on May 26, Bajwa along with his fellow lawyers allegedly resorted to threats and intimidation of the prosecution counsel, Izhar Ahmad who later on expressed his inability to represent the victim.

”We then hired another counsel but the case got delayed on several dates due to non-appearance of the accused’s counsel. After several other delays on part of the accused and his counsel, the father of the accused, Tanvir Hashmi along with 20 to 30 other lawyers hurled abuses and threats at our lawyer on the court premises and eventually succeeded in getting an adjournment from the court,” a family member of the victim told Pakistan Today on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal from the accused party.

The source said that Shah Hussain had been friends with Khadija for some time since they were classmates but she had started avoiding him because of his increasingly violent behavior.

“Shah Hussain started threatening Khadija when she stopped talking to him. She thought he would eventually stop harassing her after some time, but she was wrong. The accused carried out the attack because he knew he could get away with it,” said the family member.

He said the family had been running pillar to post for justice but the accused had successfully evaded arrest due to the lawyers’ pressure.

“Tanvir Hashmi is not only harassing the judge and opposing counsel, he is also forcing us for reconciliation so that the case against his son can be dropped. Is there anyone who can give justice to Khadija?”

The family member said that the lawyers helped the accused evade arrest when his bail plea was cancelled by the session judge after nearly two months. The accused has now obtained pre-arrest bail from the Lahore High Court. “Will the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court take notice of the travesty of justice being meted out to an innocent girl, who nearly lost her life in the attack, even though the police have undeniable evidence against Shah Hussain,” he said.

Pakistan Today made attempts to contact Tanvir Hashmi Advocate and Aftab Bajwa Adovate for their comments on the victim’s family’s charge but they were unavailable.

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  1. Pakistan said:

    No comment by any Pakistani shows the social degeneration of our people. Let us see how recently appointed Chief Justice of Lahore High Court reacts. He has made tall claims but not much on the misconduct of lawyer community. If he doesn’t move then he will not be taken for his word in future.

  2. confusedlahori said:

    There is some confusion in the story because on may 4th when dawn news published this news of stabbing , on the unfortunate day of attack the victim's cousin Sohaib said we don't have any animosity with anyone but now this Shah Hussain and Long term relation came out.if the victims parents might have kept a close eye on the girl illicit relationships with " non-mahram " then this unfortunate might not have happen.This is all due to the Girl's own fault.the Girl Khadija has brought a shame to her family.seriously all those families out there who have no control on their daughters activities then this sad day will surely come for them ONE DAY. Khadija should be held accountable for having such pre-teen relationships.Who knows to what extent this relation went to and what might have happened between them that led the boy to do such a thing.EVERY ONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY

    • A human said:

      I guess for you being in a relation ship with someone is more sinful than killing someone. shame on you and your third grade mentality. If at all your allegation on the girl is correct than she must have realized she is wrong and she wanted to correct herself and the boy couldn't let her. stop playing God. let God decide about the intention but lets not ignore the hideous crime committed by your boy friend (im sure thats what he is to you since you said no word against him at all which is wrong in itself).
      Get some brains if an animal is lending cox even animals are more intelligent than you. Moron.

      • confusedlahori said:

        See you are keep on blaming the Boy , is there any proven evidence that states the Stabbing person was Shah Hussain , well i believe Khadija Family are just blaming the poor boy , its not us to justify this case , let the Honorable Court decide whats right and whats wrong ? ok ! and being a Muslim stop calling me names , havent your elders teach you any good manners of constructive dialogue ?

  3. A concerned mother said:

    I am 100% sure this above comment is written by the boy's family member. Shame on you!! I read this painful news in newspaper and I do n't know anything about, Khadija personally. T he boy almost killed her and you are putting blame on girl. Co-education is not bad, it does not mean that class fellows have illicit relationship with each other.Don't defame her. Have some Allah's fear. Next time it could happen to your sister or daughter will you still hold the same opinion. Shah Hussain is a Psychopath, what kind of person supports a psychopath? talk about his worst upbringing and the way he treats women.For Allah sake don't take his side. He should be sentenced.If you will let him go just imagine what kind of a lawyer he would be???

    • confusedlahori said:

      See you are keep on blaming the Boy , is there any proven evidence that states the Stabbing person was Shah Hussain ??? well i believe Khadija Family are just blaming the poor boy , its not us to justify this case , let the Honorable Court decide whats right and whats wrong ? ok !

  4. A concerned mother said:

    I would request you to raise this issue on social media and print media. InshaAllah this innocent girl will get justice. If Allah's forbid she does not get justice here then believe me she will get justice in Allah's court. Take my words, one day Shah Hussain will kill his mother/ sisters etc because he is mentally sick person and don't allow him to roam/wander freely here and there because he could kill anyone even his father who is supporting him and proving that he is innocent chick. if this heinous incident happened to this boy's sister then boy's father announced this news " because my daughter had illicit relationship with that boy thats why he stabbed my daughter"
    Shame on you Mr. Confused Lahori you are confused because Shah Hussain is your son/brother or relative. Open your eyes and face the reality. this time he was unsuccessful but next time he would be successful and victim would be from his family members. Insha Allah.

  5. confuesedtoo said:

    this seems such a strange story. how could he escape when there is heavy traffic and heavy police on that road.

  6. Tilskastudent said:

    Shah hussain will not be able to escape punishment. Such a barbaric act. To hell with whatever motive was behind this. No one does such a ruthless act and he should be punished for this so no one will ever again try to do this with anyone.#justiceforkhadeeja Victims please keep fighting till end! We are with you

  7. Nazia said:

    After reading, it is assessed that law is made for poor people where its makers enjoys. Shah Hussain must be hanged.

  8. TilsStudent said:

    Woah! Intense man. But this is what her family said so a rational person would not rely solely on this. Hard to believe that he did this as he did not give off such an evil vibe in campus. Just a weird looking guy minding his own business. Still you never know. May Allah be with the truthful.

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